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Donation System


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Web Development, DevOps

Donation system for Gituzh

Gituzh is a pivotal and influential initiative in Armenia dedicated to enhancing the scientific landscape of the country. Through a range of scientific events, Gituzh strives to foster a broader appreciation for science among citizens. While primarily supported by private funding, they have taken an admirable step by establishing a donation platform. This allows individuals to contribute small amounts towards realizing their projects, ensuring a collective effort towards advancing scientific endeavors.

Our Impact

We've created the entire system from the ground up. Donations are processed through local bank APIs, enabling card payments. Email notifications are sent via SendGrid whenever monthly donations are processed. The user interface (UI) is crafted using Nest.js and designed for optimal SEO. The backend, mostly developed with Nest.js, is hosted on Heroku and supported by a PostgreSQL database. Additionally, we've developed an admin panel for easy monitoring and management of subscriptions and transactions.

So What's Next?

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