Global Events Platform

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Virtual Events Worldwide


Healthcare, Organizational


Web Development, DevOps

Virt - The World’s Most Meaningful Virtual Events

Virt is an online platform featuring exclusive events hosted by renowned organizations like WHO, UNESCO, and the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Over 10k users have explored and participated in events through Virt. Users also have the option to submit their own events to the platform. Afterwards, dedicated moderators thoroughly review and either approve or reject their submissions.

Our Impact

Initially, Virt was constructed using outdated technologies, hindering further development and causing significant challenges. The application's performance and reliability were adversely affected as a result. Upon joining the project and adding a few features, our team proposed the owners a transition to a more advanced and contemporary framework. With the decision in favor of this upgrade, Concave's engineers executed a seamless migration to a modern system based on Node, GraphQL, and React (Next.js). This process also involved transferring and standardizing all existing data, streamlining future operations. Simultaneously, our team developed a content management system and relocated the system to a new cloud platform.

So What's Next?

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